Jonathan Robson

Portfolio of personal projects

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Vive and Cardboard immersive experiences created with Unity. Mobile AR for standalone apps and Instagram

Mobile apps

Geolocated AR art, a music composition tool - and staying safe on safari


From a motion activated water canon to a garden sprinkler system

Light Art Installation

Visuals for a light art installation as part of

Map My Forest

An app using Leaflet, OpenStreetMap and geo-location. Data from Global Forest Review shows users the extent of global primary forest loss in a single hour and a single day, mapped to their location. #mapmyforest challenges users to walk, run or cycle around this area to truly understand the extent of global deforestation.
Part of 



A kid-powered, self contained and Lego compatible water toy. Plans available to build your own on

Video blog

A video short filmed from the front of a bicycle became The Shanghai Crash Test Dummy - a blog about cycling in Shanghai's rush hour.

Waterways Plaza

Design for an urban planning competition for a city in Eastern China - a public plaza featuring a chain of barges from China's Grand Canal converted for retail, F&B and a public performance venue.

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